Turmoil in On-Demand Viewing
Creates Opportunities
Product Type: Strategic Analysis, Survey, Forecast
Date: May 2006, Updated Aug 2006
Author: Gary Sasaki
206 pages
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"Video on Demand" used to be about a fledgling cable television service.  Now everyone is falling over each other to offer all kinds of On-Demand Viewing experiences.  We have:
  • Cable's PPV, SVOD, TOD, MOD, OCAP
  • Telco's offering Network DVR, SVOD, MOD
  • Satellite offering MOD via DVR
  • Carriers offering Mobisodes
  • Studios offering downloads of TV shows, movies, and aggressive windows
  • Internet companies with unique new business models
  • Digital Cinema offering live events and day & date DVDs
  • Advertising with measured engagement ads, auctions and on-demand Upfronts
  • Manufacturers providing systems for Network DVR and dynamic ad insertion
  • Consumer Electronics that connects to all of the above

Markets are still young - a perfect time for companies to get in on the ground floor, if they act quickly and smartly. 

But, the ecosystem is complex, interlinked and rapidly evolving.  Trends and innovation in one industry is impacting adjacent industries.

This report will help sort all this out.  It includes:

  • Overview and current status of each industry in the on-demand viewing ecosystem, including some of the key technology that makes things possible

  • Some statistics on the type and freshness of content found on several of today's on-demand services

  • Consumer survey results that reveal what the market feels about the many choices and tradeoffs companies are giving them

  • Forecasts of on-demand viewing and the potential impact of services such as Network DVR

  • Some provocative ideas on where opportunities and disruption may be found in the future

A new section has been added that points out some of the key developments after the original report's May 2006 release date.

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