Slots & the Social Player
Three Ideas aimed at attracting the modern Social Player

Product Type: Strategic Analysis
Author: Gary Sasaki
11 pages  2015
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The slot machine industry is wondering about its survival. 

Traditional big brands, such as International Gaming Technology (IGT), WMS and Bally, to name a few, are being bought up.  As the market matures, so are the core players.  Younger customers seem to avoid slots in favor of table games, the pool and night clubs.  Many operators (casinos) have tightened slot odds for short term profits, consequently making slots a less enjoyable experience.  And so on…

What to do?

This paper offers a few ideas to go on the offensive.  The underlying strategy in this paper is to embrace the social player and to make the overall experience more fun.

The industry is already trying:

  • Online and mobile slot games are used to generate non-gambling revenue via in-App purchases, or loyalty via free play offers or other comps (offers and discounts). 

  • Online gambling in the U.S. has started in a limited way, though with mixed results.

  • Nevada legislature has approved looser “skill-based” slots via a bill proposed by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM).

  • Some slot games have online presence to link the player’s casino experience to a personal account.

What else might the industry try?

Three types of ideas are suggested here:

  1. Embrace YouTube

  2. Slot API

  3. Get Out of that Chair!