Camera Policy Details


Policy Unknown Policy Unknown

No Cameras No Cameras

Photos Only Photos Only   

Videos OK Videos OK

The ability to photograph and video your slot machine is relatively new because of modern phones (and other devices).  People like to share and post their wins and sometimes losses on the web, including YouTube, etc.


Many casinos have not realized how such photos and videos benefit their business.  Traditional casino security policy is often stuck in the past, with roots in banks that don't allow photos or videos.  But, a growing list of leading casinos now realize that allowing players to share their winning experiences with slots is good for business.


A sensible policy should look like this:


1) Allow players to photograph or video their own slot play, or that of a consenting player.


2) Other people should not be photographed or videoed without their consent.


3) No photographs or videos of table games or security cameras.


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