Class III & II Slots

Two basic types of Slot Machines exist.


Class III is the traditional "Vegas" type game found in most casinos.  A Random Number Generator (RNG) determines when to stop each reel.  The machine then determines what amount may have been won.  Each player is playing against the casino.


Class II is a game based on a Bingo-inspired game where each player is trying to win a part of a player-funded win bank.  Numbers are electronically drawn until a winning player is found.  You need a minimum number of players to make it work. Other players may win certain amounts, too, based on how these numbers line up on their machine's Bingo-like card.  You will see a small Bingo card image on Class II games.  Once the numbers are picked, the slot machine "spins" the reels and stops them to match up the win amount determined by the pattern on the card. (Note: regular Bingo, including electronic Bingo is technically Class II, but we don't count it as a Slot machine).


VLT is a Video Lottery Terminal, and the way it works varies by location.  Many VLT games determine the win amount via a central computer.  Such VLT games share similarities to Class II games, in that what you see on the reels or poker cards is determined by the central computer and not a local machine's RNG.  Some VLT games, however, operate much like a Class III game with an RNG in each machine.  We list these types of games as Class III instead of as VLT.


In any case, the outcome is random.  But Class III randomly spins the reels and where they stop determines how much of the casino's money you win.  Class II & VLT games determine the win amount won from a player-funded bank and then spin the reels (or show cards) to match that win amount.